BronzeToken is a Digital asset design To work.

Collaboratively,investing in Agriculture to provide enough food for the over growing population of the world and also providing scholarship for Orphans and the less previlaged in our society.You can become a member of Bronze community by acquiring the official currency of the community (BronzeToken) using the BronzeToken contract Address 0x6122a72a71fbb2db616ef2888f1b83e6c4255012 .

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About BronzeToken

BronzeToken has The Best ICO with a very clear vision and mission

Which includes but not limited to, investing in Mechanize Agriculture to provide enough Organic food supply and also providing scholarship funding for the less privilaged in our society .

Agriculture still remain a sector that is truely untapped as food supply continue to shrink with population of the world seems to be growing geometrically.

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Benefits of Partnering with Us

Embacking on this vision with us will not only help solve the problem of food scarcity in the world
you would have indirectly reduced crime by funding the education of the less previleged.


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Clear Vision

Power Behind BronzeToken

Tokenization Benefits

BronzeToken is selflessly created for you. This is so do to the fact that every major decision is to be made by our community of users.

BronzeToken is Truely for you and all about you.


BronzeToken Sale

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  • Pre-Sale Terms

    First week 25% BronzeToken and then 25% of total Token into circulation
  • BronzeToken Price

    $35.00 USD
  • Total of Token

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BronzeToken is the official currency of the Bronze Community. Aimed at providing enough organic food for the growing population of the world by investing in Mechanize Agriculture. And providing fund for Education of the less previlaged.

May, 2021


BronzeToken sales and distribution to members of Bronze Community.

Sept, 2021


Agricultural research and development of an effective food production Model.

Jenuary, 2022

Agricultural Funding

Investment of Funds into organic food production.

July, 2022

Educational funding

Providing funds for Education.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Using our Data filtering system we have been able to come-up with answers to some of the most frequently asked questions .

It is a digital currency that is created with a set of programing tools and can be used as a means of exchange.

Your benefits as a member is limitless.Your being a part of the community gives you the power to be among the decision makers of the community.You also become a part of a noble community of Individuals who are detamined to create a sustainable system for an efficient food production.

You can become a part of this community by purchasing the Bronze community Token (BronzeToken) from either Trustwallet or any Dapp using our contract address 0x6122a72a71fbb2db616ef2888f1b83e6c4255012 .

Together we can make this a reality through the community strength BronzeToken.